Catch and Kill: The Trump Tulsa (non) Rally

The Trump Rally in Tulsa this past Saturday was a failure. The 19,000 seat arena was embarrassingly empty. Ticket “sales” were over 1 million; actual attendance about 6,100. Nothin’ to camp out for here … head to Walmart. Try to pick up some toilet paper…

Once Trump realized no one was showing up, the overflow area and speakers were cancelled. Fox cameras juggled to tighten shots of the President in an effort not to show the empty seats. The Fake and Real news looked around for action only to find none.

Through a variety of social media threads, we have learned that hundreds of thousands of people (voters and non-voters) joined together, quietly and effectively, in an organic grass-roots movement whose sole purpose was to fuck with Trump. Well done. It seems the Oklahoma Resistance is alive and well, and just as disgusted with Trump as the California battalion.

The city of Tulsa has a population of about 400,000; the entire state of Oklahoma: 4 million.

Is it possible that the Trump campaign truly believed that a MILLION people were going to attend this rally? At what point was someone going to use that prep-school education, run some percentages, and realize that ticket sales might be a catch and kill? This is the literal price of hubris.

By surreptitiously obtaining tickets to Trump’s “Daddy Needs Love,” event and then ghosting him, Millennials (X-ers, et al) have managed to do something very powerful: Shake Trump’s confidence. And that’s no easy feat.

They’ve also done something else very powerful: They let Trump know the red states aren’t “his people.” They’re sick of him. They’re tired of being branded as racists because they live in Oklahoma, Alabama, or Missouri, and they want him out of here.

The other reason this ghosting is of such political significance is that the majority of The Resistance is not of voting age. Much like the students from Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, the fact that teenagers cannot vote will not prevent them from being heard. They have an agenda. It includes gun laws, education, and Kapernick. And, they’re not going to shut up about it just because some dottering old man – like Trump – insists on telling the same old stories at the dinner table…

“My mom said that I had to invite him, but I’m so sick of his Trump bullshit. I’m not doing it anymore….”

This rally carried no real surprises. Trump’s audience knows he has little tact. They’re uninterested in policy, and fully expect Donny to sling mud at his political rivals like a toddler after a rainstorm. A political Jerry Springer; It’s the show they pay for…

While campaign aides might sooth The Donald by saying he has 6K votes from Tulsa, if you subtract media, staff, federal and municipal law enforcement, stadium staff, and a large number those who attended to “see the train wreck of history,” I’d say that last night was a great night for the Democrats.

November will be here soon. In the meantime, can someone tell me what TicTok is?


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One thought on “Catch and Kill: The Trump Tulsa (non) Rally

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  1. Yeah, I’d heard of TikTok, but I’m barely on social media at all. Just blogs and I’m considering closing out Facebook. I’m sure some of the kids I tutor would know what it is. I’ve never gone beyond FB in social media; too many platforms were out and changing.

    Yeah, those OK stats should’ve clued someone in. A sudden surge of 1/4 of the state’s population into one city might create some huge problems, you’d think.

    There’s a reason I say there’s hope for the future. I’m an older millennial, but this generation coming up after us now, they’re not gonna take it anymore and they’re not ashamed to be vocal about it. Good for them.

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